After a week of vacay in La douce France, we went straight ahaid on a citytrip to Madrid.

I want to share with you three hotspots which will make your visit even more worth it!

The first one, and I think the coolest one, is a rooftop with a swimmingpool. Let’s be honest, it’s not an olympic swimming pool to train your swimming skills but it’s quite refreshing in a hot city as Madrid. If you’re not in for a swim, you can also relax at the bar to order a drink or even lunch or dinner. This place is called Gymage, Calle de la Luna 2.


Next up, there is a nice tapas restaurant called La Musa. We didn’t try La Musa but we were in the neighbourhood of La Latina where you can find La Musa Latina. The ‘Bomba de patata’ is worth a try!


Last one but not least, actually my favourite, is Lateral. Lateral has six restaurants in Madrid and one in Barcelona. I was tipped by a Spanish friend of mine who lives here, and I must say that those tapas are delicious. You can start with some tapas and order more, but make sure to save the best for last, the dessert. We went to Lateral Santa Ana where you can sit outside on a beautiful square.




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