How about sharing some New York hotspots?

This summer we had the best trip ever to the west coast of the USA (more will follow soon) but before starting our road trip, we made a stop in New York – my first time! I discovered some very nice places for food, so let’s share these hotspots which are definitely worth a visit. 

Two hands cafe has a pretty interior and some delicious plates for meat- and fish lovers but veggie is also possible. 

The Butcher’s Daughter serves vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner and has two different locations in New York. 

Butcher's daughter

By Chloe is also vegan but a burger restaurant. We tried the home-made lemonade, sweet potato fries and off course a little dessert on-the-go. 

Tacombi Fonda Nolita is the coolest taqueria by far in my favourite place East Village. The tacos are not expensive, so you can try some new combinations.

Fonda Nolita

If you’d like some more information about these restaurants, just click on the yellow names 😉 Hope you’ll have some new inspiration!


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