Made in Paris…


Last week, I went to Paris again with my sister to relax and enjoy the city-atmosphere. Besides trying nice restaurants and enjoying the sun, on the top of our to-do list was the Dior exposition in le Musée des Arts décoratifs that is held until Januari 8.

‘Christian Dior, Couturier du Rêve’ celebrates the 70th anniversary of Dior. This expo shows the very beginning of the house until the prettiness of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work for Dior today. Also the ‘maquettes’ of their garments – that’s how they call the miniature versions- and the look behind the scenes is just mesmerizing. I must say it is by far the prettiest and most interesting fashion-exposition I’ve seen. So a good reason to book a ticket to Paris right away!

More info can be found here. I want to share some pictures I took during the expo, to give a glimpse of what to expect when visiting yourself.




Hope you’ll visit! Besides, I’m a forever Miss Dior fan, and now I know it’s the first Dior perfume it’s definitely my all-time favourite.


Greetings from New York (my first time ever!)




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