Another trip to the sun!

After being back in Belgium for two days, I really want to share some hotspots, pictures and things to do in Valencia. So let’s start with the Valenbisi. Indeed, Valenbisi! That’s the name for the bike service in town. If you’re in Valencia, the bike is the perfect way to discover the old city-centre, the new buildings of Calatrava and the pretty seaside. The old river of Valencia that is now no longer a river but a long green parc embraces this lovely city and  allows to cycle from one point to another quite quick.


There are a lot of points to rent a bicycle but we used the city-bikes Valenbisi. There are more than 200 points with bikes you can take for half an hour. It is possible to use it longer but then you have to pay a little extra. We payed € 13,3 for one week. This system is so cool because you take a bike at one point and just place it back at your destination. And above all it’s sporty as well!




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