One month ago, I visited a friend living in Amsterdam.

Normally I prepare a citytrip very well by planning every day and looking up everything I want to visit. This time, I left the day after my last exam, the first day of summer vacation! So I trusted my friend guiding me during three days in this pretty city. Here are some hotspots I visited.

The place to be is ‘De Hallen’. As the name says the building is an old hall that was used as a garage for trams. Today it is reused again as a library, cinema and the best part: a food market. You can find haute-dogs, frozen yoghurt or the typical Dutch meatballs. A place to visit, especially when the weather isn’t that in your favour.


At the PC Hooftstraat you can find some luxury shops, also this Chanel flagship store designed bij the Dutch architects MVRDV. They made a façade out of glass bricks, something I’ve had never seen before. It is definitely worth a visit! To do windowshopping of course 😉


When in Amsterdam, you should visit at least one museum. This time I visited the ‘Stedelijk Museum’ at the ‘Museumplein’, of which the newly added building is compared to a bathtub. I especially love the details of the older building. There are always different expositions and of course a permanent collection including a very interesting part about design.


Last but not least, when in Amsterdam, you can’t go home without eating apple pie. And when you do, you better do it well. ‘Winkel 43’ is know for it’s best apple pie in town. We tried and we approved.





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